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Crunches, leg raises, planks, oh my!

Ok, so it’s a bit late… 2nd of June, but this 30 day programme for improving core strength (aka achieving core domination) lets you have two days off;  you can still register.

It’s designed by a woman called Elsbeth Vaino and comes recommended by my friend Suzanne.

I need to do a bit more core work anyway.  I think if I can get a stronger core I’ll be able to increase my speed a little, and will be a bit more resilient to an aching back and sloppy posture for longer runs.  I had looked at some Bore your Way to Better Abs type programmes before Suzanne sent me a link to this.  As soon as I had digested how it worked, It seemed way more appropriate for a few reasons:

1) It’s incredibly inclusive.  The challenge is just that you do it for 30 days, not that you get into some kind of crossfit, pissing up the wall competition.  She recognises that different people are at different levels and not everyone is front cover of Men’s Health material

2) It’s about fitness, not aesthetics.  Her focus isn’t on a six pack or a washboard stomach, it’s on strength and health.

3) It’s varied: you get to play around with different exercises every day, you won’t get bored.  Yesterday I found out what bird dog is, today I will be exploring bear crawls).  It’s going to let me trial hundreds of different exercises and work out which work best for me.

Sign up, it’s not too late!






2 comments on “Crunches, leg raises, planks, oh my!

  1. suzemackenzie

    It’s a very good program; I love the inclusiveness (you can pick your own exercises) and that it’s focused very much on working through different planes of movement. It’s properly focuse don the core, not just ‘abs’.

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