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Here’s to a phenomenal 2015

I’ve not written for a while. I have a couple of posts half written, one about heart rate training, another about Brockwell Park. They are languishing a little. My time has been full of moving house, work and more recently festive cheer.

I’ve been running fairly consistently and have had some wonderful experiences Out There.

2015 promises to be a good year for running. Two things have happened which augur rather well. First, waiting for a bus the other day I looked down and saw that my heart rate was at 47 bpm (48 by the time i took the photo). This is crazy low for me, especially as I wasn’t especially trying to relax. Related to this, I can now run a 4.50 minutes per kilometre pace without my heart rate topping 145. These things seem to indicate that Heart Rate Monitor Training for the Compleat Idiot is working. Second, I’ve cracked running endless loops of Brockwell Park. My boredom threshold is through the roof to the extent that I managed 5 laps without music in the dusk last week.

I’ve also largely managed to avoid injury this year. I’ve taken a week off running with a weirdly agonisingly painful foot problem and that’s it.

So.2015. I’m planning to run the 100k along the Thames path in September. I need to get training. In order to do this, and to get a reasonable time, I’m planning to improve my diet, less meat and dairy, more better protein, stop drinking so much (my liver has taken a hammering this christmas) and train super consistently, keeping up the HRM obsessions

Wish me luck.


3 comments on “Here’s to a phenomenal 2015

  1. Suzanne

    All sounds very promising (and rather impressive!) Good luck and HNY. 🙂

  2. tommarriage

    thanks suzanne. happy new year to you too!

  3. adinadaar

    Can heart rate training prepare a person for hibernation? 🙂
    Happy New Year and happy running to you Tom!

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