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#runeveryday: train over for October.

I love Ronhill. It’s an uncompromisingly British brand. If you grew up in the UK in the 1980s, your PE teachers would have worn Ronhill Tracksters. Blue or black with red piping along the seem. I remember dismal rugby games in the freezing cold overseen by violent masters in Tracksters. Mr. Wood and Mr. Fitzpatrick comfortably clad in trousers while we shivered in shorts.

31bto2s9m8L._SX342_They were the running trousers. When I started running, I went straight for Tracksters. The classic. Cutting a retro dash through the streets and estates of south London. Light, water wicking, not so tight you can see the runners genitals, not so baggy they flap around (trousers not genitals). Ronhill trousers are a staple of my running wardrobe.

The company was set up by Ron Hill, a doctor of textile chemistry and olympic level marathoner. Ron is cool. He is a lovely, gentle, modest man, inspiring if not a little flat in his delivery (there’s a video of him here for a taster). He also holds the record for the longest running streak. He’s run every day for 50 years. Every day for 50 years, even recovering from a broken sternum, and on crutches after bunion surgery, he managed a mile. That’s a lot of running.

While Ron himself doesn’t own the company anymore, they’re celebrating his streak with a running challenge: run every day in October. It’s that easy. Given that my longest ever streak  is probably only 5 days, 31 sounds epic. No rest days will be a killer, but i figure it will force me to go easy, to stretch properly, to do everything I can to avoid getting injured.

So I started yesterday with a 12k run to greenwich, and I’m already looking forward to my rest on All Saints Day. Reckon you can do it?


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