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Up and running

Several weeks ago I had a fight with my six year old son. A play fight. A fight which ended in me slipping, tripping, going arse over tit and whacking my knee.

Initially it hurt, swelled and went a funny purple colour. Next it started to do this weird thing where it felt like it was buckling backward every time I walked downhill.

I tried running a fortnight following the injury (8km but it really hurt the next day) and did a bit of swimming on it, but realised I need to rest properly. I couldn’t even stretch it, or do the exercises I felt it needed to recover (gentle squatty type things). So I relaxed. The relax coincided with a holiday to Malaysia. Good news I guess; it’s hot as heck here and I’ve been doing lots of active hanging out with the kids which seems to help.

Anyway, today was the first time I felt I could really run. I managed a good 5k up the beach. Barefoot on the sand in the shadows of Mount Kinabalu. It was beautiful, restorative, slow and hot. Touch wood, I’m better now.



One comment on “Up and running

  1. Andrew Lennox

    That’s a hell of a long way to go to relax your knees!!

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