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#runeveryday (again)

Finished. Today is the last day of January, and so the last day of my post christmas run streak. I managed 32 days, and I’m assuming tomorrow will be a rest day… Although I’m not 100% committed to stopping, I might yet run.

This is #2 of run streak. I managed the same in October last year. The first one was the real challenge. That was stepping into unknown territory. I really really didn’t know how it would feel or whether I could really do it. This time round it was more of a fair accompli. I knew I’d finish it, that it wouldn’t be so hard, and that I’d probably finish the month feeling knackered but good. Low and behold, I finished, it wasn’t so hard and I feel knackered but good.

I managed to go further. This surprised me. December had been pretty much a write off after bashing my knee. I didn’t expect to be able to rest and then immediately pick up a quite intense schedule. I think maffetone may have helped: I ran pretty much everything at 135-145 bpm heart rate. While my Achilles was pinging by the end of it, I think it’s nothing serious, and attribute this lack of injury to low heart rate runs.

Other things which helped massively:

1) chapeau chamois cream. The weather hasn’t been great and I’ve had a few multi run days without being near a shower. This has lead to some nasty, damp, itchy chaffing. I had this cream for cycling, but thought I’d give it a go. It worked amazingly and left my skin baby soft, infection free and menthol fresh

2) Esther ekhart’s yoga for runners. This YouTube video is my go to strength and stretching program. It’s a meditative, through 25 minutes of very clear yoga instruction from a woman who just seems like a really really kind, lovely person.

3) a very tolerant wife. My wife’s PhD funding has run out and she is back to clinical practice in the hospital for three days a week, plus late clinics, weekends, on calls and  finishing her thesis. It’s very kind of her to indulge her self indulgent husband as he goes out running instead of cooking/ cleaning/ child hassling

Anyway. I have the same advice as I did last time I did this: running streaks are amazing, do a running streak, challenge yourself and see what you can do.


hot huh

last run selfie



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