mundane adventures in running

January obsession

I’ve just finished another run streak. I managed to rack up 278.7km in January. It’s not my heaviest month ever, but I’m super pleased with it. I’ve been doing a lot of HIIT stuff as well, so i think much more running would have left me properly overtrained.

As it was, it got a bit weird at times. I found this guy Ya Boy Millionaire Hoy searching for yoga vids on youtube, quite liked him, and decided to follow his plan. On top of the running it was hard work. At times I found myself starting to feel sick with exhaustion, my heart rate going mental (increase in resting heart rate), and getting the first signs of a cold. I don’t think I’ve ever properly blown up from over training, but this was the closest I’ve been to it. I’m pretty committed to exercise even when I’m knackered, but this took me too far. I haven’t dropped yaboimillhoy, as it seems to be a really effective way of mixing up my exercise, and is making my body way stronger and more supple… I am taking FAR more rest days though.

Anyway. By about the 10th of Jan, I realised that I enjoy perverse challenges. Even though I’ve done it before, running streaks still feel difficult and challenging, but in a really dull, quotidien, not dramatic way. I’ve decided to set myself a different challenge or obsession every month. February is Bulletproof Coffee Month. I’ve started chatting to a friend about making March Sub-perceptual Doses of LSD month. I’ll report back on both of these (but reserve the right to bail on the second, I’m not sure I’m brave enough.) If anyone has any ideas of experiments related to health/ diet/ exercise/ mindfulness/ being contrarian that I should try, I’d be delighted to hear them.




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